Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"She said the words, but she didn't endorse Obama."

And if she had mentioned Obama's name only once they would say that was proof positive that she didn't support him.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Let's talk about potential VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Prophetic. And who knew you could wear a tree.

Friends say Hillary won't quit tonight, but she'll "take a few days to think about her next move."

Just make it end, please.

"Barack Obama sought the New Party's endorsement knowing it was a radical left organization."

The words in the post are ambiguous or neutral. But how many times does Prof. Althouse link to memes from far left blogs when they touch on things that concern her about McCain?

What exactly is Hillary Clinton going to say after the last primary is over?

Can we hope that it is "My husband is a pompous ass?"

"The harmony that existed between MyDD and Kos since the birth of the Netroots no longer exists today."

If Jerome Armstrong fell in the woods would anyone hear it?

The rumored videotape of Michelle Obama.

Did you hear the one about Michael? The next time they catch somebody starting rumors shoot to kill.

The polls just closed in Puerto Rico.

I was (not) born in Puerto Rico

McCain in '08! McCain in '08! . . No-Bama! No-Bama!

I'll take cheers heard at Auburn for $350, Alex.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

End of May numbers

These are cumulative from the time of the vow of cruel neutrality until May 31.

• Clinton Negative (17)
• Clinton Neutral (103)
• Clinton Positive (8)

• McCain negative (4)
• McCain Neutral (32)
• McCain Positive (8)

• Obama ignored (1)
• Obama negative (31)
• Obama neutral (142)
• Obama Positive (5)

"Oh, damn. Where did you come from?"

Nothing funnier than a white catholic priest preaching to a predominantly black protestant congregation.

"Bleary-eyed and somewhat bedraggled . . ."

Michigan and Florida.

Ezra Klein tries to figure out a way for Democrats to secure their masculinity.

More testosterone.

How to snack like Barack Obama.

I confess, I love that story.

Caucuses = voter suppression

If that is among the best arguments, no wonder Clinton lost.

"If Obama isn't an old-school Keynesian, what is he?"

A pragmatist.

"The work goes on, . . ."

Bad visual: Hillary Clinton = Ted Kennedy.

"Oh, this is so terrible . . ."

Here's a hypothetical (perhaps more properly -- counterfactual), if Bill Clinton did not exist and somehow Hillary Clinton had arrived at this place in history, how much would have that changed Prof. Althouse's view of Hillary Clinton.

"Does Senator Clinton understand how tasteless -- even how ghoulish -- it is to use the word 'assassination'?"

Ghouls? Reminds me, Halloween is coming up.

Hey, Too Many Jims is still monitoring the cruel neutrality.


Obama "looks like his own Secret Service agent."

Future's so bright I got to wear shades.

Hillary Clinton and the non-apology.

Parsing apologies of sociopaths.

Friday, September 26, 2008

"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assasinated in June in California?"


"If Golda Meir . . ."

Senator, I knew Golda Meir. Golda Meir was a friend of mine. Senator you are no Golda Meir.

The Obama and Clinton campaigns are in "formal talks" about a VP slot for Hillary?

Methinks Prof. Althouse is not a big fan of Hillary.

"John McCain is a liar."

But the right will still vote for him anyway.

"The fate of the world for the next four years. It's all going to boil down to a few old Jews in Century Village."

If it is only four years, is it really that fateful.

Crist. Jindal. Romney.

He has to pick a governor for VP, right?

"How do you respond to a sociopath like this?"

Saying that Clinton is not a sociopath or insane is not really too positive.

"Barach Obama and Hillary Clinton are both proposing versions of RomneyCare on a national scale."

Let's look at RomneyCare.

The absolutely insane talk of Obama promising Hillary Clinton the next seat on the Supreme Court.

Here is one way for Obama to lose Prof. Althouse.

"On a gorgeous, unseasonably mild day in Portland, a free performance by a hugely successful local band is likely to draw a huge crowd."

Prof. Althouse is wrong. I am sure that no one would have showed up for the Obama speech if the band hadn't been there. Just as no one would have shown up for Palin in Florida if it wasn't for Aaron Tippin.

Is Barack Obama "a walking, talking gaffe machine"?

Prof. Althouse gets sent on a wild goose chase by Malkin and finds a new appreciation for Obama.

Hillary wins Kentucky by a "wide margin."

Hey it is in the middle of the country.

"I love her because she's a helluva fighter."


Obama's statement was "a gracious response from a man the court had just branded as the legal equivalent of a segregationist."


"Some of those states in the middle."

Kaus es asustado él estará en el medio de México.

"So I'm working on a mini-project here to track mainstream media and politicians calling Obama a faggot. . ."

Not gay, just a wuss.

"With each passing day, it seems a little less likely that the next president of the United States will wear a skirt. . ."

Prof. Althouse: "I have always resisted the efforts to get women jazzed up about the idea of a woman President. But for those who did get absorbed into that idiotic emotional manipulation, there is now the need to work toward closure."

"How will Barack Obama get to 270?"

Hypotheticals are fun in May.

I f Hillary is not to be the first woman President, is there a woman President on the horizon?

Palin is mentioned in the comments.

John McCain on "Saturday Night Live" -- joking about gaydar and -- as a conlawprof I love this -- federalism

Nicely done.

Robin Givhan on Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama in Vogue

More important stuff.

Obama on the flag pin: "If it ends up being on another suit, I might leave it one day . . ."

Now we get to the important stuff. Unless lying is good, this is negative.

After the California decision, will same-sex marriage become an issue in the presidential campaign?

Maybe Nader was right, all the candidates are the same.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bush knows you know who he is talking about.


What's with those 10% of black people who don't support Barack Obama?

Can't we all just get along?

"Hi Peggy."

Maybe Obama is too familiar.

Edwards endorses Obama.

I'll take philandering politicians for $300, Alex.

"Terry McAuliffe's tour de force moment when he turned projectile nonsense into something approaching the sublime."

Clinton supporters attack.

Thanks to all the commenters who kept up . . .

A few most favored commenters are anti-Obama and/or pro-Clinton (including one of Prof. Althouse's sons) but Prof. Althouse does not endorse the views.

"A panic about the situation of the African American male raised into a truncated paranoid theology."

More Wright than wrong.

Primary night? Again? {WV style}


Liberals of all people . . .

Really a remote reference to Obama.

"Just wait 'til we win like 80-20."

The games continue.

I get a letter from Barack Obama.

Prof. Althouse takes a fundraising letter from Obama apart.

Ron Paul supporters plan "an embarassing public revolt against" McCain for the Republican Convention.

Ron Paul is relevant? Ron Paul is relevant!

Some of us like to think the Muslim world would love President Obama

I wonder if Prof. Althouse is one of some of us.

The Althousity of Hope


Michelle won't let Barack pick Hillary as VP.

Novak must have good sources in the Obama camp. Or maybe he and Rush Limbaugh are speculating.

Obama insinuated that McCain is senile, and the wily McCain took advantage.

Prof. Althouse insinuated that Obama is senile.

"I've been to 57 states."

Obama is bad at math, civics or both. Prof. Althouse notes: "Who's losing it now?" But has she (since her vow of cruel neutrality) been negative toward McCain for "losing it"?

If John McCain said, 'I got the white vote, baby! His candidacy would be over."

Unmatched quotation marks! (Sorry, flashback to proof-reading days.)

Does it not grate on you . . .

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat feminist.

Let's judge Hillary Clinton's executive aptitude by the campaign she managed.

Prof. Althouse says: "We should the candidates' aptitude by the campaigns they managed." Hmm, speaking from the future, I am not sure Prof. Althouse still holds that view. We will see.

Hillary Clinton for VP?

Prof. Althouse is not neutral about Clinton as VP.

Hillary Clinton's best argument to the superdelegates.

Because superdelegates should not be suspicious of Karl Rove's motives.

A new bloggingheads!

I didn't re-watch the Bloggingheads episode with Prof. Althouse and Jeralyn Merritt, but the post is neutral.


MMMMMM toast.

Pick Obama: He's taller.


McCain's judges.

Judge not lest ye be judged. Prof. Althouse is pretty complimentary of McCain's statement about judges but not (in my view) so effusive to be "positive". Similarly, she notes Obama's approach to judges (specifically she brings up Obama's vote on Roberts which she does not like) but stays {again, in my view} neutral

"Big ball, our Matt."

Balls that are held for pleasure are the balls that I like best. (I'll take misheard lyrics for $1,000, Alex.}

The NYT does not say it's time for Hillary Clinton to bow out.

Tough to figure whether Prof. Althouse wants the primary to continue more or not.

"We now know who the Democratic nominee will be."

Finally! {Oh wait, you mean it is not over yet . . .}

North Carolina and Indiana Primaries.

Carry on [my] wayward son.

"Michelle Obama seethes with bitterness."

Prof. Althouse seems neutral about perceptions of Michelle Obama, but she sure links to a lot of people who don't like Mrs. Obama.

Is it going to be boring tonight?

Back home again, in Indiana (and North Carolina).

Obama on 6th Street.

Art is neutral, our reaction to it -- not always so.

So now Obama is supposed to be the hothead?

Phlegmatic is pretty neutral.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton: "I'm not going to put in my lot with economists."

I might be wrong but idiocy is not a compliment.

"I think that it's possible . . . having the spotlight was something attractive to him."


"It's the fact that he grew up in Hawaii, and I think he can make change."

Brother, can you spare a dime.

Obama's secret weapon

OHHHHHH the humanity.

"People, people . . . Please keep the comments civil."

A plea that could be used at Prof. Althouse's place.

Hillary is smiling and Chelsea is such a good person

I am a good person too just no one knows it.

Suddenly -- and sensibly -- the Dems want on Fox News.

Clinton came off well because she is a jerk. {Not my thought, O'Reilly's.}

Baptist minister talks dirty to John McCain

Wherein I learn that trollop and cunt are pet names. I'll have to try that sometime.

"Richardson drops out. Grows a beard."

Hair and balanced.

The "long and painful falling out" between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright - and what made Obama snap

Obama snaps against Wright, but for the wrong reasons.

"President Bush has f------- everything up so much, he’s even made it hard for a white man to become president!”

Prof. Althouse doesn't think Chris Rock is that funny. But is he right?

"Where, when he could have used them, were Obama's oh-so-famous endorsers?"

Prof. Althouse reflects on those who stood silent while Obama got attacked.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

End of April Summary

At the end of April:

Clinton Negative (7) (8%)
Clinton Neutral (73) (84%)
Clinton Positive (7)(8%)

McCain negative (4) (12%)
McCain Neutral (23) (70%)
McCain Positive (6)(18%)

Obama ignored (1) (1%)
Obama negative (26) (21%)
Obama neutral (93) (76%)
Obama Positive (3)(2%)

To put it in some perspective, Prof. Althouse (from her vow of cruel neutrality until the end of April) had almost as many posts about Rev. Wright (28) as she did about Sen. McCain (33).

"Can you believe this Reverend Wright guy?" BIll O'Reilly asks Hillary Clinton

Being a jerk is good to O'Reilly, neutral to Prof. Althouse.

Thoughts on reading the transcript of Barack Obama's press conference about Jeremiah Wright.

Prof. Althouse seems to not believe Obama's divorce from Wright and tries to deconstruct his press conference on Wright.

Did Obama "denounce Wright"?

They say Prof. Althouse doesn't want Obama as her President.

Jeremiah Wright may us into the arms of Barack Obama.

Sounds postive but not about Obama as he is.

Obama is letting Wirght overpower him.

That can't be good.

Why Christopher Hitchens tries never to wear a tie.

I am curious why Prof. Alhouse tries never to wear a tie.

Jeremiah Wright is not lying low.

Speaking here onlyas someone who is blogging about blogging about (now mainly) Wright: Dear Reverend Wright, please shut up.

Obama needs to "stop citing . . .

¿Kaus, puede darme a perma-link, por favor? ¿Kaus esta negativo, podemos decir iguales sobre Prof. Althouse?

Hillary Clinton is a schoolyard bully.

Obama is a sissy. That is not good, right?

"If McCain doesn't win, it will mean that no one born in the 1930s will ever have been President."

Maybe they were to depressed to create great leaders.

"I don't get too high when I get high, and I don't get too low when I'm low."

When I get high, I get really high. That's the point.

Damn, I missed the point again.

I'm phlegmatic.

Why an article about how the French love Obama . . ."

Pure diversion.

"Hamas has said they want Barack Obama to win."

Because we should always believe what Hamas says and let them decide how U.S. citizens should vote.

"Just two of us going for 90 minutes . . ."

Obama is scared of a girl.

"Obama, can this really be your friend . . ."

This one is a tough one to categorize. Prof. Althouse links to a Dylan-esque parody lampooning Obama. Prof. Althouse has an affinity for Dylan, she is clearly concerned about many of the connections that the parody highlights but she throws in the fact that if it weren't for her vow of cruel neutrality "I might rank him first of the 3 imperfect characters we [must] choose from."

"Manipulative, Shameful, Race-Baiting."

John McCain is not that bright.

Did Bill Moyers act as Jeremiah Wright's PR agent or did he ask some good journalistic questions?

Bill Moyers is a puffball.

Mocking Hillary is not sexist -- and it is not good feminism to think it is.

Prof. Althouse: We should be irreverent and unafraid.

"So the truth about the super delegates is . . ."

Kaus dice "the superdelgates" quisiera que Obama ganara porque prefieren McCain a Clinton. (Or at least that is what I think he is saying.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Why can't Clinton close the deal?"

Deal or no deal?

Should we care about Bill Ayers . . .

Not worked up.

What's with the Abercrombie & Fitch . . .

Product placement.

"The next McGovern."

History repeats itself.

"It will give Clinton just the tinsiest sliver of an argument that she should not drop out."

Nothing is as much as blowing Sullivan some grief.

Powerline is going very negative

Surprising development indeed.

"Her message is unapologetically emasculating."

Don't mess with my nads. Emasculation is not a good thing.

Historic ort: Obama's famous waffle goes for $10,000

Ah, the important things.

And Hillary gets her 10 point margin

Ugly factoids.