Monday, October 6, 2008

End of July numbers

Here are the numbers from the time of the vow until the end of July.

McCain negative (5)(6%)
McCain Neutral (71)(82%)
McCain Positive (11)(13%)

Obama ignored (1)(0%)
Obama negative (42)(15%)
Obama neutral (223)(81%)
Obama Positive (10) (4%)

Here are the numbers just for July

McCain negative (0)(0%)
McCain Neutral (19)(90%)
McCain Positive (2)(10%)

Obama negative (7)(13%)
Obama neutral (46)(82%)
Obama Positive (3) (5%)

Wisecracks that are too easy to make.


He's the biggest celebrity in the world . . ."


While I suspect Prof. Althouse is suspicious of McCain's logic, I am calling it neutral.

Barack Obama at the University of Chicago Law School.


Obama is everywhere!

He is like the cartoon character "Savoir Faire".

Sebelius, Kaine, Bayh, Biden -- take your pick of the apparent finalists.

Biden is the best.

"Even for Sarkozy the American, who loves everythin in our culture . . ."

I won't double count.

"A smooth-talking rookie senator with an exotic name passes himself off as the incumbent American president to credulous foreigners."

It is tough not to say "negative" when Prof. Althouse is so dismissive about people who she thinks are fawning over Obama.

Listening to presidential talk -- is Barack Obama what we want to hear now?

Neutral language.

"End of the Affair: Barack Obama and the press break up."

Great then I don't have to hear about how the media wants Obama to win anymore?

"And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant). . .

Too much deification can make you sick.

CNN's horrific Obamamania.


Obama talks to Berlin "as a citizen -- a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world."


"I'll probably . . . peel off until the cake."


Obama's rally in Berlin.


"Ah,look, an old man in the clouds."

Purty pictures.

Michelle Obama's "combination of bitterness, ingratitude, anti-Americanism, leftism, and, yes, elitism rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

Because if you want to stay neutral you should quote a lot of the guys from National Review.

"But what good suggestions for McCain. He might visit a foriegn country -- Has he ever done that?"

The media favors Obama.

Joe Klein's scurrilous meltdown.

The purpose of the surge was to create space for political progress in Iraq. That progress has not manifested itself. It is pre-mature to say the surge was a success when measured against its stated goals.

What Maliki is doing is beting that Obama will win.

So he's a gambler like McCain.

McCain refers to "the situation on the Iraq-Pakistan border."


"If I were sitting in a Tube train and all the people opposite me were reading 'Mein Kampf' with obvious enjoyment and approval. . ."

1978. But the quote is relevant to Obama.

"Fake Interviews."

Waaahhhhh, the press is being kept from the candidate.

Dreaming about blogging.

Some things, I don't need to know.

"We have sort of become a nation of whiners. You just hear this constant whining."


"Who they choose as their president is the American's business. But it's the business of Iraqis to say what they want.

Timelines. Prof. Althouse is neutral. She criticizes the pro-Obama argument and let's the pro-McCain argument stand without comment.

What has Obama said about Iraq?

The surge has been a great success (so long as we don't pay attention to the expressed goals of the surge)! How can Obama not acknowledge his idiocy in not supporting the surge?

The 300.

Who has more experts and organizes them.

Yesterday, "The Daily Show" and Rush Limbaugh ran with the same joke about the Obama cartoon.

But, wait, I thought Stewart couldn't crack jokes because he wanted Obama to win.

Obama gives a perfect answer -- to Larry King -- on The New Yorker cover.

Perfection is positive.

The Bob Dylan song that turned on Jimmy Carter is the one that Barack Obama calls a favorite.

Why does Obama say he likes the things he says he likes?

Chemerinsky's idea of "Enhancing Government."


Did you notice how the controversy about The New Yorker cover instantly eclipsed the Bernie Mac story?

Isn't that convenient. . .

Why can't we joke about Obama?

Either because all the joke writers want Obama to win or because conservatives are completely humorless and can't write satire. No other options are possible.

The Wit and Humor of Barack Obama.

Because we need a President who can crack jokes about himself.

Is Obama "trying to deflect attention from his own poor surge judgment . . ."

Porque el juicio de Kaus ha sido siempre bueno.

Everybody's talking about The New Yorker cover . . . and balls!


So here's the new New Yorker cover.

{Paraphrasing} Prof. Althouse: Of course Obama can't joke about being a violent black nationalist Muslim, bin Laden lover who heats his house with burning American flags. On the other hand, maybe he should joke about it.

She also frontpages a bunch of commenters who think Obama is too dour because he can't laugh at the "Obama is a terrorist loving muslim meme."

"I'm disgusted with him."

Politics is . . . beautiful.

McCain: "Brooke and Mark show me Drudge, obviously everybody watches, for better or for worse, Drudge."

Newspapers and the blogosphere.

Obama chides Bernie Mac.

"So, one hoe says to the other. . ."

Do you really think Justices Stevens and Ginsburg are about to create Supreme Court vacancies?

Judge not.

Bernard-Henri Levy says why Barack Obama will be President.

"Can you get things wrong with questions? Why, yes you can!" Duly noted.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Obama's ample self-regard is lapsing into hubris."

On the one hand, Prof. Althouse likes the kids; on the other had she thinks Obama is being disingenuous.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Can you place yourself in one of these 6 categories of voters?

Maybe if I tried, I could.

Jesse Jackson, Day 2

Kaus conviene con Jesse.

There's something about Jesse.

I'll play along with the charade. There doesn't seem to be a reason to change

Obama echoes the phrase that made me turn against Kerry.

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

"It was a time of uncertainty, hope and change. The summer of love."

Obama is a hippie.

"Sorry to be crude, but does the NYT realize that we may be at the point where reports of millitary success in Iraq help Obama . . ."

Kaus dice que el éxito es malo para McCain.

What do we know about Barack Obama the "community organizer"?


"Edwards is the white Barack Obama. . ."

VP advice from the right for Obama.

The pro-McCain argument that older is better.

Age is just a number but that number can be a concern.

John McCain says: "I hate the bloggers."

Prof. Althouse thinks McCain is kidding, though she does seem just a tad miffed that she has gotten crossed off his list.

The Saturday vlog.

How Obama could lose Prof. Althouse.

Obama backtracks on late-term abortions.


The NYT wants "change it can believe in" - and it can't believe this new Barack Obama .

Pissing the Times off gets you bonus points.

"Obama Softens on Iraq Withdrawal Timeline."


Should McCain be asked how his experience in Vietnam qualifies him to be President?

My mom doesn't always agree with me either. (Or am I misreading something here.)

"The cover photo of the TIMES Sunday magazine depicts Limbaugh 'dark and sinister' in a theme of THE GODFATHER."

McCain too old.

Barack Obama "is supposed to be the tonic for the culture wars of the 60s."

Vietnam! Because Obama's campaign is really bad at strategy.

The NYT notices that pro-Obama bloggers are mad at Obama over his flip on telecommunications immunity.

Pragmatism pisses some people off.

McCain and Obama both criticized the Supreme Court for rejecting the death penalty for the rape of a child, but McCain points to the real distinction.

Obama was against Roberts, that is not good.

Should a man wear a tie the color of his wife's outfit . . . even when the color is orange?"

Ties go to the runner. Prof. Althouse seems snarkier towards Obama than to McCain but I can't call it negative.

Was Google tricked into shutting down anti-Obam bloggers?

Keep an eye on conspiracies.

End of June numbers

Here are the cumulative numbers from the time of the vow to the end of June.

McCain negative (5)(8%)
McCain Neutral (52)(79%)
McCain Positive (9)(14%)

Obama ignored (1) (0%)
Obama negative (35)(16%)
Obama neutral (177)(80%)
Obama Positive (7) (3%)

{Percentages do not total to 100%, sue me.} I no longer am going to track Prof. Althouse's stance on the Clinton candidacy.

Here are the totals just for June:

McCain negative (1)(5%)
McCain Neutral (20)(91%)
McCain Positive (1)(5%)

Obama negative (4)(10%)
Obama neutral (35)(85%)
Obama Positive (2) (5%)

"Obama's Katrina: The most damaging article about Barack Obama I've read."

Kaus piensa que Obama está en apuro y un slumlord.

A bounce Mitt-igation strategy

Mitt Romney.

"Imagine treading water with broken arms and trying to pull the life vest's toggle with your teeth . . ."

What to say?

"If Barack Obama wants to question John McCain's service . . . he should have the guts to do it himself and not hide behind his campaign surrogates."

My surrogate is bigger than your surrogate.

"my name is such a vanilla, white-girl American name," said Ashley Holmes of Indianapolis . . ."


Bill said Obama would have to quote kiss my ass close quote, if he wants his support."

Giving everyone to parse every word Bill says for months.

Ed Morrissey is flat wrong when he says that Obama contradicted himself about the DC gun case.

The nuance of flipflopping on guns.

"Oppo Research in the Tradition of Einstein."

It's all relative.

"As always with Obama, it's a question of who the rubes really are. It's the power of glamour.

You got a problem with Rube Goldberg? Heh, indeed.

Krauthammer frets about Obama's flipflops.

Pragmatic summer footwear.

The morning after the Second Amendment case.


McCain strikes a pose.

Come on Vogue! It is better than superimposing his image on her Justify my Love video.

"It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose."

Is nuance bad?

The Supreme Court on campaign finance, and John McCain on the Supreme Court.

The kinds of judges McCain would appoint don't like the kinds of laws that McCain proposes.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

McCain on the child rape/death penalty case. UPDATE: Obama opposes the decision too!

Prof. Althouse assumes McCain's opposition is genuine. She suggests Obama's might be political.

What's in Barack Obama's iPod?

Ecclectic if true.

"The Daily Show" analyzes some campaign ads.

Big bad John (Cornyn).

What level of celebrity does not merit a press release?


I got completely distracted by Marilyn Monroe.

I got completely distracted by Prof. Althouse getting completely distracted by Marilyn Monroe.


Creepy McCain on an old SNL.

"Is Obama's new faux-presidential, alternative-reality seal his 'Mission Accomplished'?"

¿La bandera "Mission Accomplished" no era eficaz?

Should Americans respond to Michelle Obama the way the French respond to Carla Bruni?


Is feminism about defending women from criticism?

Interesting question. "Women in politics are subject to attacks, as are male politicians, and they aren't going to succeed by arguing that the attacks are sexist. Get to the point and tell us why the attacks are wrong. . . The fact is, Americans feel much freer to disrespect white men — and this is not a disadvantage for white men. This is part of being viewed as strong and powerful. So be strong and powerful, quit whining, and fight." You know, I am about to watch the VP debate in a few hours.


I agree that the seal was lame; but calling it lame is not neutral.

"Just try to imagine Mister Rogers playing the agent Ari in 'Entourage' and it all falls into place ."

I have been meaning to rent "Entourage" and now I need to to understand the election. I actually think Prof. Althouse is fine with this tactic (or is it a strategy).

There's nothing the matter with Kansas as far as Barack Obama is concerned.


What "privleges" would Barack Obama give to the Guantanamo detainees?

Barack Obama is just like Rush Limbaugh. Prof. Althouse wants precision out of the candidates, well at least from Obama.

"John McCain is for strict conservative -- excuse me -- strict constructionist Court."

Truth in advertising.

"We're bacon people." "Does Obama eat bacon?" "He will eat the bacon."

Bacon, bacon, bacon!!!

"I was discriminated against by the very person who was supposed to be bringing this change, who I could really relate to."

Prof. Althouse seems sensitive to a tough situation.

Moderating Michelle -- Michelle Obama to go on "The View" today. UPDATE: I live-blog the show.

Just like meet the press. Here is a question, if Prof. Althouse is positive toward a spouse, is she positive toward the candidate? I am saying no.

"Swiftboating Obama."

Talking about the important things.

Would Obama handle "terrorism simply as a matter of law enforcement"?

The American legal tradition is for wusses. This one is close to "Obama negative" but I am calling it neutral because, well damnit I can't really say why.

"Camus, Bob Dylan, and Naked Women Painted Like Cows"


Alex Kozinski's wife (Marcy Tiffany) explains it all.

Naughty husband's hiding behind their wives.

"Obama's new anti-smear website . . . It's the new go to spot for dirt on Obama."

Kaus utiliza la información de Obama contra Obama.

I am marking this Obama negative because Prof. Althouse seems disappointed that there has been no dirt provided in the last week. If she wants more dirt on Obama, she is not neutral, right? I suppose that she could want the dirt just to have bloggable material.

"The hole in your heart when you don't have a male figure in the home who can guide you and lead you."

Obama says something un-PC. Maybe, but it is a strong sentiment among urbanafrican-americans (which I am not sure Obama is based on his upbringing):

And they ask me where I got it
I get it from my pops
Wit' a man in the house
All the bullshit stops

"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."

So says Obama; it's the Chicago way.

"I got a hard time from all sorts of blogs . . . who said I looked like Urkel."

Obama rides a bike.

"But I can't think of any time in my life when I've felt so awful about the death of a single individual I'd never met."

Prof. Althouse links to one of her sons reflections on the passing of Tim Russert. In the process, her son mentions McCain's drift to the right to pursue the Republican nomination.

So this is Russert's last interview? Who is the last person he names?

Joe Biden.

Prof. Althouse: "I almost want Barack Obama to pick Joe Biden [as VP]... and John McCain to pick Lindsey Graham... as a tribute to our great journalist Tim."

So, Obama listens to Prof. Althouse's almost impassioned plea while McCain ignores her request. Is that enough to tip the scales of neutrality?

Kuato in the political context.

Testing our recall.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jim . . . dimmed.

Prof. Althouse links with no commentary to a story about Jim Johnson resigning from Obama's VP selection committee. No commentary so it has to be neutral, right? But how many times does she link to stories about concerns about the people and lobbyists around McCain. I'll call it neutral for now.

Who are the Obamacons?

Link and excerpt with no commentary.

"Selcet from the numerous web, blog, listed here, go there, and make your opinions supporting John McCain known."

Speaking from the future it is easy to look at this as an attempt to troll the lefty sites. At the time I bet is was more an attempt to shore up support from conservative sites and, perhaps, pick off a few stray Clinton supporters at Kos (though there would have been better places to do that [e.g MyDD, TalkLeft]).