Monday, October 6, 2008

End of July numbers

Here are the numbers from the time of the vow until the end of July.

McCain negative (5)(6%)
McCain Neutral (71)(82%)
McCain Positive (11)(13%)

Obama ignored (1)(0%)
Obama negative (42)(15%)
Obama neutral (223)(81%)
Obama Positive (10) (4%)

Here are the numbers just for July

McCain negative (0)(0%)
McCain Neutral (19)(90%)
McCain Positive (2)(10%)

Obama negative (7)(13%)
Obama neutral (46)(82%)
Obama Positive (3) (5%)

Wisecracks that are too easy to make.


He's the biggest celebrity in the world . . ."


While I suspect Prof. Althouse is suspicious of McCain's logic, I am calling it neutral.

Barack Obama at the University of Chicago Law School.


Obama is everywhere!

He is like the cartoon character "Savoir Faire".

Sebelius, Kaine, Bayh, Biden -- take your pick of the apparent finalists.

Biden is the best.

"Even for Sarkozy the American, who loves everythin in our culture . . ."

I won't double count.

"A smooth-talking rookie senator with an exotic name passes himself off as the incumbent American president to credulous foreigners."

It is tough not to say "negative" when Prof. Althouse is so dismissive about people who she thinks are fawning over Obama.

Listening to presidential talk -- is Barack Obama what we want to hear now?

Neutral language.

"End of the Affair: Barack Obama and the press break up."

Great then I don't have to hear about how the media wants Obama to win anymore?

"And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant). . .

Too much deification can make you sick.

CNN's horrific Obamamania.


Obama talks to Berlin "as a citizen -- a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world."


"I'll probably . . . peel off until the cake."


Obama's rally in Berlin.


"Ah,look, an old man in the clouds."

Purty pictures.

Michelle Obama's "combination of bitterness, ingratitude, anti-Americanism, leftism, and, yes, elitism rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

Because if you want to stay neutral you should quote a lot of the guys from National Review.

"But what good suggestions for McCain. He might visit a foriegn country -- Has he ever done that?"

The media favors Obama.

Joe Klein's scurrilous meltdown.

The purpose of the surge was to create space for political progress in Iraq. That progress has not manifested itself. It is pre-mature to say the surge was a success when measured against its stated goals.

What Maliki is doing is beting that Obama will win.

So he's a gambler like McCain.

McCain refers to "the situation on the Iraq-Pakistan border."


"If I were sitting in a Tube train and all the people opposite me were reading 'Mein Kampf' with obvious enjoyment and approval. . ."

1978. But the quote is relevant to Obama.

"Fake Interviews."

Waaahhhhh, the press is being kept from the candidate.

Dreaming about blogging.

Some things, I don't need to know.

"We have sort of become a nation of whiners. You just hear this constant whining."


"Who they choose as their president is the American's business. But it's the business of Iraqis to say what they want.

Timelines. Prof. Althouse is neutral. She criticizes the pro-Obama argument and let's the pro-McCain argument stand without comment.

What has Obama said about Iraq?

The surge has been a great success (so long as we don't pay attention to the expressed goals of the surge)! How can Obama not acknowledge his idiocy in not supporting the surge?

The 300.

Who has more experts and organizes them.

Yesterday, "The Daily Show" and Rush Limbaugh ran with the same joke about the Obama cartoon.

But, wait, I thought Stewart couldn't crack jokes because he wanted Obama to win.

Obama gives a perfect answer -- to Larry King -- on The New Yorker cover.

Perfection is positive.

The Bob Dylan song that turned on Jimmy Carter is the one that Barack Obama calls a favorite.

Why does Obama say he likes the things he says he likes?

Chemerinsky's idea of "Enhancing Government."


Did you notice how the controversy about The New Yorker cover instantly eclipsed the Bernie Mac story?

Isn't that convenient. . .

Why can't we joke about Obama?

Either because all the joke writers want Obama to win or because conservatives are completely humorless and can't write satire. No other options are possible.

The Wit and Humor of Barack Obama.

Because we need a President who can crack jokes about himself.

Is Obama "trying to deflect attention from his own poor surge judgment . . ."

Porque el juicio de Kaus ha sido siempre bueno.

Everybody's talking about The New Yorker cover . . . and balls!


So here's the new New Yorker cover.

{Paraphrasing} Prof. Althouse: Of course Obama can't joke about being a violent black nationalist Muslim, bin Laden lover who heats his house with burning American flags. On the other hand, maybe he should joke about it.

She also frontpages a bunch of commenters who think Obama is too dour because he can't laugh at the "Obama is a terrorist loving muslim meme."

"I'm disgusted with him."

Politics is . . . beautiful.

McCain: "Brooke and Mark show me Drudge, obviously everybody watches, for better or for worse, Drudge."

Newspapers and the blogosphere.

Obama chides Bernie Mac.

"So, one hoe says to the other. . ."

Do you really think Justices Stevens and Ginsburg are about to create Supreme Court vacancies?

Judge not.

Bernard-Henri Levy says why Barack Obama will be President.

"Can you get things wrong with questions? Why, yes you can!" Duly noted.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Obama's ample self-regard is lapsing into hubris."

On the one hand, Prof. Althouse likes the kids; on the other had she thinks Obama is being disingenuous.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Can you place yourself in one of these 6 categories of voters?

Maybe if I tried, I could.

Jesse Jackson, Day 2

Kaus conviene con Jesse.

There's something about Jesse.

I'll play along with the charade. There doesn't seem to be a reason to change

Obama echoes the phrase that made me turn against Kerry.

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

"It was a time of uncertainty, hope and change. The summer of love."

Obama is a hippie.

"Sorry to be crude, but does the NYT realize that we may be at the point where reports of millitary success in Iraq help Obama . . ."

Kaus dice que el éxito es malo para McCain.

What do we know about Barack Obama the "community organizer"?


"Edwards is the white Barack Obama. . ."

VP advice from the right for Obama.

The pro-McCain argument that older is better.

Age is just a number but that number can be a concern.

John McCain says: "I hate the bloggers."

Prof. Althouse thinks McCain is kidding, though she does seem just a tad miffed that she has gotten crossed off his list.

The Saturday vlog.

How Obama could lose Prof. Althouse.

Obama backtracks on late-term abortions.


The NYT wants "change it can believe in" - and it can't believe this new Barack Obama .

Pissing the Times off gets you bonus points.

"Obama Softens on Iraq Withdrawal Timeline."


Should McCain be asked how his experience in Vietnam qualifies him to be President?

My mom doesn't always agree with me either. (Or am I misreading something here.)

"The cover photo of the TIMES Sunday magazine depicts Limbaugh 'dark and sinister' in a theme of THE GODFATHER."

McCain too old.

Barack Obama "is supposed to be the tonic for the culture wars of the 60s."

Vietnam! Because Obama's campaign is really bad at strategy.

The NYT notices that pro-Obama bloggers are mad at Obama over his flip on telecommunications immunity.

Pragmatism pisses some people off.

McCain and Obama both criticized the Supreme Court for rejecting the death penalty for the rape of a child, but McCain points to the real distinction.

Obama was against Roberts, that is not good.

Should a man wear a tie the color of his wife's outfit . . . even when the color is orange?"

Ties go to the runner. Prof. Althouse seems snarkier towards Obama than to McCain but I can't call it negative.

Was Google tricked into shutting down anti-Obam bloggers?

Keep an eye on conspiracies.

End of June numbers

Here are the cumulative numbers from the time of the vow to the end of June.

McCain negative (5)(8%)
McCain Neutral (52)(79%)
McCain Positive (9)(14%)

Obama ignored (1) (0%)
Obama negative (35)(16%)
Obama neutral (177)(80%)
Obama Positive (7) (3%)

{Percentages do not total to 100%, sue me.} I no longer am going to track Prof. Althouse's stance on the Clinton candidacy.

Here are the totals just for June:

McCain negative (1)(5%)
McCain Neutral (20)(91%)
McCain Positive (1)(5%)

Obama negative (4)(10%)
Obama neutral (35)(85%)
Obama Positive (2) (5%)

"Obama's Katrina: The most damaging article about Barack Obama I've read."

Kaus piensa que Obama está en apuro y un slumlord.

A bounce Mitt-igation strategy

Mitt Romney.

"Imagine treading water with broken arms and trying to pull the life vest's toggle with your teeth . . ."

What to say?

"If Barack Obama wants to question John McCain's service . . . he should have the guts to do it himself and not hide behind his campaign surrogates."

My surrogate is bigger than your surrogate.

"my name is such a vanilla, white-girl American name," said Ashley Holmes of Indianapolis . . ."


Bill said Obama would have to quote kiss my ass close quote, if he wants his support."

Giving everyone to parse every word Bill says for months.

Ed Morrissey is flat wrong when he says that Obama contradicted himself about the DC gun case.

The nuance of flipflopping on guns.

"Oppo Research in the Tradition of Einstein."

It's all relative.

"As always with Obama, it's a question of who the rubes really are. It's the power of glamour.

You got a problem with Rube Goldberg? Heh, indeed.

Krauthammer frets about Obama's flipflops.

Pragmatic summer footwear.

The morning after the Second Amendment case.


McCain strikes a pose.

Come on Vogue! It is better than superimposing his image on her Justify my Love video.

"It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose."

Is nuance bad?

The Supreme Court on campaign finance, and John McCain on the Supreme Court.

The kinds of judges McCain would appoint don't like the kinds of laws that McCain proposes.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

McCain on the child rape/death penalty case. UPDATE: Obama opposes the decision too!

Prof. Althouse assumes McCain's opposition is genuine. She suggests Obama's might be political.

What's in Barack Obama's iPod?

Ecclectic if true.

"The Daily Show" analyzes some campaign ads.

Big bad John (Cornyn).

What level of celebrity does not merit a press release?


I got completely distracted by Marilyn Monroe.

I got completely distracted by Prof. Althouse getting completely distracted by Marilyn Monroe.


Creepy McCain on an old SNL.

"Is Obama's new faux-presidential, alternative-reality seal his 'Mission Accomplished'?"

¿La bandera "Mission Accomplished" no era eficaz?

Should Americans respond to Michelle Obama the way the French respond to Carla Bruni?


Is feminism about defending women from criticism?

Interesting question. "Women in politics are subject to attacks, as are male politicians, and they aren't going to succeed by arguing that the attacks are sexist. Get to the point and tell us why the attacks are wrong. . . The fact is, Americans feel much freer to disrespect white men — and this is not a disadvantage for white men. This is part of being viewed as strong and powerful. So be strong and powerful, quit whining, and fight." You know, I am about to watch the VP debate in a few hours.


I agree that the seal was lame; but calling it lame is not neutral.

"Just try to imagine Mister Rogers playing the agent Ari in 'Entourage' and it all falls into place ."

I have been meaning to rent "Entourage" and now I need to to understand the election. I actually think Prof. Althouse is fine with this tactic (or is it a strategy).

There's nothing the matter with Kansas as far as Barack Obama is concerned.


What "privleges" would Barack Obama give to the Guantanamo detainees?

Barack Obama is just like Rush Limbaugh. Prof. Althouse wants precision out of the candidates, well at least from Obama.

"John McCain is for strict conservative -- excuse me -- strict constructionist Court."

Truth in advertising.

"We're bacon people." "Does Obama eat bacon?" "He will eat the bacon."

Bacon, bacon, bacon!!!

"I was discriminated against by the very person who was supposed to be bringing this change, who I could really relate to."

Prof. Althouse seems sensitive to a tough situation.

Moderating Michelle -- Michelle Obama to go on "The View" today. UPDATE: I live-blog the show.

Just like meet the press. Here is a question, if Prof. Althouse is positive toward a spouse, is she positive toward the candidate? I am saying no.

"Swiftboating Obama."

Talking about the important things.

Would Obama handle "terrorism simply as a matter of law enforcement"?

The American legal tradition is for wusses. This one is close to "Obama negative" but I am calling it neutral because, well damnit I can't really say why.

"Camus, Bob Dylan, and Naked Women Painted Like Cows"


Alex Kozinski's wife (Marcy Tiffany) explains it all.

Naughty husband's hiding behind their wives.

"Obama's new anti-smear website . . . It's the new go to spot for dirt on Obama."

Kaus utiliza la información de Obama contra Obama.

I am marking this Obama negative because Prof. Althouse seems disappointed that there has been no dirt provided in the last week. If she wants more dirt on Obama, she is not neutral, right? I suppose that she could want the dirt just to have bloggable material.

"The hole in your heart when you don't have a male figure in the home who can guide you and lead you."

Obama says something un-PC. Maybe, but it is a strong sentiment among urbanafrican-americans (which I am not sure Obama is based on his upbringing):

And they ask me where I got it
I get it from my pops
Wit' a man in the house
All the bullshit stops

"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."

So says Obama; it's the Chicago way.

"I got a hard time from all sorts of blogs . . . who said I looked like Urkel."

Obama rides a bike.

"But I can't think of any time in my life when I've felt so awful about the death of a single individual I'd never met."

Prof. Althouse links to one of her sons reflections on the passing of Tim Russert. In the process, her son mentions McCain's drift to the right to pursue the Republican nomination.

So this is Russert's last interview? Who is the last person he names?

Joe Biden.

Prof. Althouse: "I almost want Barack Obama to pick Joe Biden [as VP]... and John McCain to pick Lindsey Graham... as a tribute to our great journalist Tim."

So, Obama listens to Prof. Althouse's almost impassioned plea while McCain ignores her request. Is that enough to tip the scales of neutrality?

Kuato in the political context.

Testing our recall.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jim . . . dimmed.

Prof. Althouse links with no commentary to a story about Jim Johnson resigning from Obama's VP selection committee. No commentary so it has to be neutral, right? But how many times does she link to stories about concerns about the people and lobbyists around McCain. I'll call it neutral for now.

Who are the Obamacons?

Link and excerpt with no commentary.

"Selcet from the numerous web, blog, listed here, go there, and make your opinions supporting John McCain known."

Speaking from the future it is easy to look at this as an attempt to troll the lefty sites. At the time I bet is was more an attempt to shore up support from conservative sites and, perhaps, pick off a few stray Clinton supporters at Kos (though there would have been better places to do that [e.g MyDD, TalkLeft]).

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"She said the words, but she didn't endorse Obama."

And if she had mentioned Obama's name only once they would say that was proof positive that she didn't support him.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Let's talk about potential VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Prophetic. And who knew you could wear a tree.

Friends say Hillary won't quit tonight, but she'll "take a few days to think about her next move."

Just make it end, please.

"Barack Obama sought the New Party's endorsement knowing it was a radical left organization."

The words in the post are ambiguous or neutral. But how many times does Prof. Althouse link to memes from far left blogs when they touch on things that concern her about McCain?

What exactly is Hillary Clinton going to say after the last primary is over?

Can we hope that it is "My husband is a pompous ass?"

"The harmony that existed between MyDD and Kos since the birth of the Netroots no longer exists today."

If Jerome Armstrong fell in the woods would anyone hear it?

The rumored videotape of Michelle Obama.

Did you hear the one about Michael? The next time they catch somebody starting rumors shoot to kill.

The polls just closed in Puerto Rico.

I was (not) born in Puerto Rico

McCain in '08! McCain in '08! . . No-Bama! No-Bama!

I'll take cheers heard at Auburn for $350, Alex.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

End of May numbers

These are cumulative from the time of the vow of cruel neutrality until May 31.

• Clinton Negative (17)
• Clinton Neutral (103)
• Clinton Positive (8)

• McCain negative (4)
• McCain Neutral (32)
• McCain Positive (8)

• Obama ignored (1)
• Obama negative (31)
• Obama neutral (142)
• Obama Positive (5)

"Oh, damn. Where did you come from?"

Nothing funnier than a white catholic priest preaching to a predominantly black protestant congregation.

"Bleary-eyed and somewhat bedraggled . . ."

Michigan and Florida.

Ezra Klein tries to figure out a way for Democrats to secure their masculinity.

More testosterone.

How to snack like Barack Obama.

I confess, I love that story.

Caucuses = voter suppression

If that is among the best arguments, no wonder Clinton lost.

"If Obama isn't an old-school Keynesian, what is he?"

A pragmatist.

"The work goes on, . . ."

Bad visual: Hillary Clinton = Ted Kennedy.

"Oh, this is so terrible . . ."

Here's a hypothetical (perhaps more properly -- counterfactual), if Bill Clinton did not exist and somehow Hillary Clinton had arrived at this place in history, how much would have that changed Prof. Althouse's view of Hillary Clinton.

"Does Senator Clinton understand how tasteless -- even how ghoulish -- it is to use the word 'assassination'?"

Ghouls? Reminds me, Halloween is coming up.

Hey, Too Many Jims is still monitoring the cruel neutrality.


Obama "looks like his own Secret Service agent."

Future's so bright I got to wear shades.

Hillary Clinton and the non-apology.

Parsing apologies of sociopaths.

Friday, September 26, 2008

"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assasinated in June in California?"


"If Golda Meir . . ."

Senator, I knew Golda Meir. Golda Meir was a friend of mine. Senator you are no Golda Meir.

The Obama and Clinton campaigns are in "formal talks" about a VP slot for Hillary?

Methinks Prof. Althouse is not a big fan of Hillary.

"John McCain is a liar."

But the right will still vote for him anyway.

"The fate of the world for the next four years. It's all going to boil down to a few old Jews in Century Village."

If it is only four years, is it really that fateful.

Crist. Jindal. Romney.

He has to pick a governor for VP, right?

"How do you respond to a sociopath like this?"

Saying that Clinton is not a sociopath or insane is not really too positive.

"Barach Obama and Hillary Clinton are both proposing versions of RomneyCare on a national scale."

Let's look at RomneyCare.

The absolutely insane talk of Obama promising Hillary Clinton the next seat on the Supreme Court.

Here is one way for Obama to lose Prof. Althouse.

"On a gorgeous, unseasonably mild day in Portland, a free performance by a hugely successful local band is likely to draw a huge crowd."

Prof. Althouse is wrong. I am sure that no one would have showed up for the Obama speech if the band hadn't been there. Just as no one would have shown up for Palin in Florida if it wasn't for Aaron Tippin.

Is Barack Obama "a walking, talking gaffe machine"?

Prof. Althouse gets sent on a wild goose chase by Malkin and finds a new appreciation for Obama.

Hillary wins Kentucky by a "wide margin."

Hey it is in the middle of the country.

"I love her because she's a helluva fighter."


Obama's statement was "a gracious response from a man the court had just branded as the legal equivalent of a segregationist."


"Some of those states in the middle."

Kaus es asustado él estará en el medio de México.

"So I'm working on a mini-project here to track mainstream media and politicians calling Obama a faggot. . ."

Not gay, just a wuss.

"With each passing day, it seems a little less likely that the next president of the United States will wear a skirt. . ."

Prof. Althouse: "I have always resisted the efforts to get women jazzed up about the idea of a woman President. But for those who did get absorbed into that idiotic emotional manipulation, there is now the need to work toward closure."

"How will Barack Obama get to 270?"

Hypotheticals are fun in May.

I f Hillary is not to be the first woman President, is there a woman President on the horizon?

Palin is mentioned in the comments.

John McCain on "Saturday Night Live" -- joking about gaydar and -- as a conlawprof I love this -- federalism

Nicely done.

Robin Givhan on Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama in Vogue

More important stuff.

Obama on the flag pin: "If it ends up being on another suit, I might leave it one day . . ."

Now we get to the important stuff. Unless lying is good, this is negative.

After the California decision, will same-sex marriage become an issue in the presidential campaign?

Maybe Nader was right, all the candidates are the same.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bush knows you know who he is talking about.


What's with those 10% of black people who don't support Barack Obama?

Can't we all just get along?

"Hi Peggy."

Maybe Obama is too familiar.

Edwards endorses Obama.

I'll take philandering politicians for $300, Alex.

"Terry McAuliffe's tour de force moment when he turned projectile nonsense into something approaching the sublime."

Clinton supporters attack.

Thanks to all the commenters who kept up . . .

A few most favored commenters are anti-Obama and/or pro-Clinton (including one of Prof. Althouse's sons) but Prof. Althouse does not endorse the views.

"A panic about the situation of the African American male raised into a truncated paranoid theology."

More Wright than wrong.

Primary night? Again? {WV style}


Liberals of all people . . .

Really a remote reference to Obama.

"Just wait 'til we win like 80-20."

The games continue.

I get a letter from Barack Obama.

Prof. Althouse takes a fundraising letter from Obama apart.

Ron Paul supporters plan "an embarassing public revolt against" McCain for the Republican Convention.

Ron Paul is relevant? Ron Paul is relevant!

Some of us like to think the Muslim world would love President Obama

I wonder if Prof. Althouse is one of some of us.

The Althousity of Hope


Michelle won't let Barack pick Hillary as VP.

Novak must have good sources in the Obama camp. Or maybe he and Rush Limbaugh are speculating.

Obama insinuated that McCain is senile, and the wily McCain took advantage.

Prof. Althouse insinuated that Obama is senile.

"I've been to 57 states."

Obama is bad at math, civics or both. Prof. Althouse notes: "Who's losing it now?" But has she (since her vow of cruel neutrality) been negative toward McCain for "losing it"?

If John McCain said, 'I got the white vote, baby! His candidacy would be over."

Unmatched quotation marks! (Sorry, flashback to proof-reading days.)

Does it not grate on you . . .

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat feminist.

Let's judge Hillary Clinton's executive aptitude by the campaign she managed.

Prof. Althouse says: "We should the candidates' aptitude by the campaigns they managed." Hmm, speaking from the future, I am not sure Prof. Althouse still holds that view. We will see.

Hillary Clinton for VP?

Prof. Althouse is not neutral about Clinton as VP.

Hillary Clinton's best argument to the superdelegates.

Because superdelegates should not be suspicious of Karl Rove's motives.

A new bloggingheads!

I didn't re-watch the Bloggingheads episode with Prof. Althouse and Jeralyn Merritt, but the post is neutral.


MMMMMM toast.

Pick Obama: He's taller.


McCain's judges.

Judge not lest ye be judged. Prof. Althouse is pretty complimentary of McCain's statement about judges but not (in my view) so effusive to be "positive". Similarly, she notes Obama's approach to judges (specifically she brings up Obama's vote on Roberts which she does not like) but stays {again, in my view} neutral

"Big ball, our Matt."

Balls that are held for pleasure are the balls that I like best. (I'll take misheard lyrics for $1,000, Alex.}

The NYT does not say it's time for Hillary Clinton to bow out.

Tough to figure whether Prof. Althouse wants the primary to continue more or not.

"We now know who the Democratic nominee will be."

Finally! {Oh wait, you mean it is not over yet . . .}

North Carolina and Indiana Primaries.

Carry on [my] wayward son.

"Michelle Obama seethes with bitterness."

Prof. Althouse seems neutral about perceptions of Michelle Obama, but she sure links to a lot of people who don't like Mrs. Obama.

Is it going to be boring tonight?

Back home again, in Indiana (and North Carolina).

Obama on 6th Street.

Art is neutral, our reaction to it -- not always so.

So now Obama is supposed to be the hothead?

Phlegmatic is pretty neutral.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton: "I'm not going to put in my lot with economists."

I might be wrong but idiocy is not a compliment.

"I think that it's possible . . . having the spotlight was something attractive to him."


"It's the fact that he grew up in Hawaii, and I think he can make change."

Brother, can you spare a dime.

Obama's secret weapon

OHHHHHH the humanity.

"People, people . . . Please keep the comments civil."

A plea that could be used at Prof. Althouse's place.

Hillary is smiling and Chelsea is such a good person

I am a good person too just no one knows it.

Suddenly -- and sensibly -- the Dems want on Fox News.

Clinton came off well because she is a jerk. {Not my thought, O'Reilly's.}

Baptist minister talks dirty to John McCain

Wherein I learn that trollop and cunt are pet names. I'll have to try that sometime.

"Richardson drops out. Grows a beard."

Hair and balanced.

The "long and painful falling out" between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright - and what made Obama snap

Obama snaps against Wright, but for the wrong reasons.

"President Bush has f------- everything up so much, he’s even made it hard for a white man to become president!”

Prof. Althouse doesn't think Chris Rock is that funny. But is he right?

"Where, when he could have used them, were Obama's oh-so-famous endorsers?"

Prof. Althouse reflects on those who stood silent while Obama got attacked.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

End of April Summary

At the end of April:

Clinton Negative (7) (8%)
Clinton Neutral (73) (84%)
Clinton Positive (7)(8%)

McCain negative (4) (12%)
McCain Neutral (23) (70%)
McCain Positive (6)(18%)

Obama ignored (1) (1%)
Obama negative (26) (21%)
Obama neutral (93) (76%)
Obama Positive (3)(2%)

To put it in some perspective, Prof. Althouse (from her vow of cruel neutrality until the end of April) had almost as many posts about Rev. Wright (28) as she did about Sen. McCain (33).

"Can you believe this Reverend Wright guy?" BIll O'Reilly asks Hillary Clinton

Being a jerk is good to O'Reilly, neutral to Prof. Althouse.

Thoughts on reading the transcript of Barack Obama's press conference about Jeremiah Wright.

Prof. Althouse seems to not believe Obama's divorce from Wright and tries to deconstruct his press conference on Wright.

Did Obama "denounce Wright"?

They say Prof. Althouse doesn't want Obama as her President.

Jeremiah Wright may us into the arms of Barack Obama.

Sounds postive but not about Obama as he is.

Obama is letting Wirght overpower him.

That can't be good.

Why Christopher Hitchens tries never to wear a tie.

I am curious why Prof. Alhouse tries never to wear a tie.

Jeremiah Wright is not lying low.

Speaking here onlyas someone who is blogging about blogging about (now mainly) Wright: Dear Reverend Wright, please shut up.

Obama needs to "stop citing . . .

¿Kaus, puede darme a perma-link, por favor? ¿Kaus esta negativo, podemos decir iguales sobre Prof. Althouse?

Hillary Clinton is a schoolyard bully.

Obama is a sissy. That is not good, right?

"If McCain doesn't win, it will mean that no one born in the 1930s will ever have been President."

Maybe they were to depressed to create great leaders.

"I don't get too high when I get high, and I don't get too low when I'm low."

When I get high, I get really high. That's the point.

Damn, I missed the point again.

I'm phlegmatic.

Why an article about how the French love Obama . . ."

Pure diversion.

"Hamas has said they want Barack Obama to win."

Because we should always believe what Hamas says and let them decide how U.S. citizens should vote.

"Just two of us going for 90 minutes . . ."

Obama is scared of a girl.

"Obama, can this really be your friend . . ."

This one is a tough one to categorize. Prof. Althouse links to a Dylan-esque parody lampooning Obama. Prof. Althouse has an affinity for Dylan, she is clearly concerned about many of the connections that the parody highlights but she throws in the fact that if it weren't for her vow of cruel neutrality "I might rank him first of the 3 imperfect characters we [must] choose from."

"Manipulative, Shameful, Race-Baiting."

John McCain is not that bright.

Did Bill Moyers act as Jeremiah Wright's PR agent or did he ask some good journalistic questions?

Bill Moyers is a puffball.

Mocking Hillary is not sexist -- and it is not good feminism to think it is.

Prof. Althouse: We should be irreverent and unafraid.

"So the truth about the super delegates is . . ."

Kaus dice "the superdelgates" quisiera que Obama ganara porque prefieren McCain a Clinton. (Or at least that is what I think he is saying.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Why can't Clinton close the deal?"

Deal or no deal?

Should we care about Bill Ayers . . .

Not worked up.

What's with the Abercrombie & Fitch . . .

Product placement.

"The next McGovern."

History repeats itself.

"It will give Clinton just the tinsiest sliver of an argument that she should not drop out."

Nothing is as much as blowing Sullivan some grief.

Powerline is going very negative

Surprising development indeed.

"Her message is unapologetically emasculating."

Don't mess with my nads. Emasculation is not a good thing.

Historic ort: Obama's famous waffle goes for $10,000

Ah, the important things.

And Hillary gets her 10 point margin

Ugly factoids.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mickey Kaus is a Marxist and a snob like Obama.

Kaus es como Che, solamente más feo.

"Does he condemn them? Would he condemn someone who that says they're unrepentant and wished that they had bombed more?"

I'm rubber and you're glue.

"Hillary's voter base consists of middle-aged to elderly white women who identify with her caustic, stubborn, bulldog resilience."

Being negative toward candidate's supporters is not the same as being negative toward the candidate.

"Historians are generally ambivalent over whether hot-tempered leaders have fared any worse than the placid."

Obama, too cool. McCain, too hot. Goldilocks in a pantsuit, just right.

Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd get around to the subject of the Clinton-Obama debate.

On the substance, it is hard for me to tell where Prof. Althouse is criticizing Obama and where she is critiquing Rich and Dowd in their defense of Obama.

"The Monongahela River, which runs cleaner than when they were young (not a good sign)..."

Obama visits Pennsylvania.

Prof. Althouse asks: "Why don't environmentalists celebrate economic recessions?" I answer: "For the same reason anti-abortionists don't celebrate single mothers working two jobs and still facing obstacles that appear to be insurmountable. It is tough to sell people on the hard work that is going to take place because of the hard decisions that are to be made. Much easier to sell them on pretty pictures."

What was the biggest lie at the Clinton-Obama debate?

The media lies and Clinton cops to having lied

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Slate's anti-Obama ad.

Giving Hillary the finger. According to Prof. Althouse, yes he is. And he promised to be a new kind of politician, tsk tsk.

Obama's a "whiner."


Reactions to the debate.

Obama lost.

"Screw 'em," Hillary said about working-class white southerners.

Screw it.

Debate tonight. I'll be liveblogging.

Time for a debate.

"Murtha says McCain too old to be president."

Age is just a number.

Hillary Clinton "needs to completely abandon her positive campaign and continue to hammer away at Obama."

Nope she wants everyone to hate Obama.

Not Bittergate.

Bitterness build up.

Michelle Obama, looking and acting like the perfect First Lady...


"I thought, This is weird, John McCain has a recipe for pasta with sausage and peas."


"Twas unfortunate She drank an insipid Canadian Liquor, and not the noble Highland Spirits."

Fun with drinking (and commenters).

McCain on Obama's race speech: "It was good for all of America to have heard it."

Typical white dude.

What's the most amazing thing about this New York Magazine article, "The Feminist Reawakening: Hillary Clinton and the fourth wave"?

Don't talk about the elephant in the room.

When Obama wrote "It was into my father's image ... that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself," was he talking about socialism?

The link Prof. Althouse provides seems to say so. Read the whole thing.

A sentence about French President Nicolas Sarkozy and American presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Wherein Prof. Althouse uncovers the NYTimes plot to undermine the Obama candidacy by furthering a negative Obama narrative.

"She was admitted to the private San Francisco fund-raiser as an activist blogger and then functioned as a journalist."

Bloggers should know their place.

Shots and beer.

Because we should pick a President based on who we would rather drink with. Maybe instead of debates the candidates can play beer pong or quarters.

"He has the unique skills to try to lower the temperature and foster a sense of common ground."

Casey at the bat for Obama.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Well, he's not running for sociologist in chief, he's running for president."

When Shrum and Carville are your defenders, you are screwed.

The "Compassion Forum."

A twofer: bland and tired.

"Phony, academic-sounding verbal junk... trying to talk like effete characters from Victorian novels...."

I would like to link to this uncritically.

"[Bill Clinton] can’t compute that he’s not the new kid on the block. It’s about his mortality — and immortality."


"So Indiana may end up being the tiebreaker."

Is Obama a leftist or just inexperienced? Prof. Althouse puzzles through this question with the help of the balanced panel of John Hinderacker, Ed Morissey, Glenn Reynolds and Mickey Kaus (whose piece she particularly likes).

"'How many angels dance on the head of the pin?,' she responded, continuing to giggle."

Calling it a cackle doesn't seem positive but what else do you call it?

Obama won't pay "street money" — a "Philadelphia ritual."

Rarely am i neutral about money.

McCain's biggest problem keeps getting worse.

Perhaps the link died of old age.

Oh, no!

It's as easy to rank as American Idol. 1. McCain 2. Obama 3. Clinton

McCain at a loss for words...

McCain reminds me of Tim Conway in that clip. Good thing I don't have to remain neutral


Or "polls in April which will be meaningless in the fall."

Appearing with Elton John, Hillary Clinton proclaims "I’m still standing."

But does she "have" standing.

The Senate hearing on Iraq.

Summaries are rarely neutral. Prof. Althouse did not include a label including Obama though he is in the clip. Don't know what to make of that.

It's the new Bloggingheads — with me and Jeralyn Merritt (of TalkLeft)!


"Well, I think it's given him a lot of depth and a broadness of view."

I am big enough not to pronounce this Obama negative.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"It's Barney the purple dinosaur's speech at the next Bloomberg Nonpartisanship Symposium."

Kaus no le gusta el nuevo anuncio de John McCain.

Unless square is a compliment, this is negative toward John McCain. It is interesting that the ad in question has been removed from youtube.

"Chris Matthews, Seriously. (O.K., Not That Seriously)."


"Could it be? Might she really be talking to me?"

Not bloody likely.

Is MSM sexist toward Hillary?

Perhaps but is that relevant to my endeavor?

"Hard being a superdelegate, huh?... No sense staying neutral this long if you don’t end up picking the winner, right?"

Staying neutral is hard work.

"Clinton and her husband, Bill Clinton, were furious with Penn..."

Clinton fires a top campaign adviser because he is (basically) a lobbyist (Penn) and takes a position different than her's. We will see if Prof. Althouse similarly comments on the ouster of lobbyists from other campaigns.

"What I've also said is: I will always listen to the commanders on the ground."

"The Republican National Committee releases an effective video juxtaposing statements about Iraq by General Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama." Sounds bad for Clinton and Obama.

"Condoleeza Rice has been actively campaigning" to be John McCain's VP pick.

It's a veepstake.

McCain is "implicitly attacking Obama for basking in self-glory, when the Obama campaign is very much predicated on 'we' and not 'I.'"

Prof. Althouse links to a Bloggingheads episode featuring Bill Scher (liberal) and Conn Carroll (Heritage Foundation) discussing a McCain ad. Prof. Althouse doesn't like the criticism of McCain's ad whether they are from the liberal side or the conservative side. Obama on the other hand has devised "a magnificent, marketable political persona."

"On one day in Canada, he made $475,000 for two speeches, more than double his annual salary as president."

A few years ago, that line would have elicited from me: "Sure he $475,000 in Canadian money but that is worth a lot less in real money." Today, that comment would even be stupider and less funny on so many levels.

Air America suspends Randi Rhodes for using nasty language not on her show, but in a comedy performance.

Randi Rhodes insults Clinton. Prof. Althouse insults Air America.

Obama has to deal with an annoying man.

Very cool.

Hillary as Obama's benefactor?

Prof. Althouse links to Maureen Dowd piece regarding whether Clinton is helping Obama's candidacy in the long run.

John McCain gets back at David Letterman.

The Redlasso link didn't work so Prof. Althouse replaced it with a youtube clip.

I said it 3 days ago, and now Hillary is saying it: Hillary is Rocky.

Is there anything more fun than saying you are right? Key takeaway: Obama can't bowl.

"I don’t want them punished with a baby."

Obama tries to discuss discussing sex with one's children. Always uncomfortable. Better to just ignore it and hope for the best!

McCain ad labels him — literally — Episcopal.

"With all this trouble Barack Obama has been having with his connection or seeming connection to religion that either is or seems extremist, wouldn't this be a good time to remind folks that John McCain's religion is the most mild-mannered Christianity: Episcopalian?" Sure, if you want to take one of the central points ("I will not lie") of McCain's ad and make it a lie.

Prof. Althouse is less effusive in her praise of this McCain ad but takes the opportunity suggest the real reason behind the ad is Jeremiah Wright.

I didn't see that connection. Personally, I think the ad was designed by an Obama operative to reinforce the fact that McCain is old. Black and white photos (I love black and white photos but these look like they are black and white because they are old photos not because of an aesthetic choice). A formerly youthful McCain in a football uniform which looks like it is from the period where they didn't wear helmets. Ted Williams? I love Ted Williams. Ted Williams definitively is an American hero but I doubt that half of American men under the age of 40 can tell you why off the top of their head. I bet more people under the age of 40 vaguely remember that there was a family feud when he died about whether or not he should be cryogenically frozen. Yes, rock stars can be our heroes but I won't show you a picture of one because (1) I can't find one who agrees with my policies and/or (2) I can't find one who you will recognize who belongs in the group photo with the other heroes.

New McCain slogan: "I will not cheat." (Except on my first wife and maybe on my second.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

March Monthly Total

Here is the summary for March:

Clinton Negative (3)
Clinton Neutral (39)
Clinton Positive (2)

McCain Neutral (9)
McCain Positive (3)

[The 3 McCain positives did appear more driven by aesthetics: here, here, and here.]

Obama negative (9)
Obama neutral (50)
Obama Positive (2)

[The Obama positives were very marginally positive: here and here.]

Wright (14)

"There is no repentance on the part of The New York Times. There is no integrity when it comes to The Times."

Twofer!!! Prof. Althouse links to Capt. Ed who gets to bag on both Wright and the NY Times.

Prof. Althouse is neutral on Obama but goodness can I please get some more links to something that looks bad for Obama?

Was Barack Obama a "law professor"?

More importantly, if a tree fell in the woods and nobody was there to hear it, would it make a sound? Not sure what I am supposed to think.

All this talk about Al Gore as a compromise candidate...

Prof. Althouse wonders what the heck all the talk about Al Gore is.

I am giving this an "Obama positive" because she says that Obama is taking the appropriate stance but I think it is very close to neutral.

"Don’t listen to people when they tell you not to run anymore. That’s just political bigotry."

Because Clinton can not get better advice than people who heldped defeat Al Gore in 2000.

Obama says the primary season is like "a good movie that lasted about a half an hour too long."

Ogres are like onions.

According to Newsweek, "it's only fair to conclude" that the Obama campaign is not trying to flip Texas county convention delegates.

A Newsweek blogger looks into the Texas democratic primary process. Prof. Althouse thinks the piece plays and fast and loose with the facts as she knows them. negative toward the media, not as clear on the candidate.

Mickey's Unified Obama Theory.

Tengo una teoría unificada que Kaus piensa que Obama lo forzará a hablar español.

Professor Althouse links without comment to a negative review of Obama's performance by Kaus.

Let's contemplate Mitt Romney as McCain's VP.

"I think they look [positively]great together."

"I remember landing under sniper fire..."

Too tongue in cheek to be negative.

"The idea here, which McCain can’t say, but I can, is to essentially kill the U.N."

Prof. Althouse links to this "Think Progress" post about Krauthammer's interpretation of what McCain means by a new League of Nations Democracies.

Let's see, linking to a lefty site talking about a conservative commentator talking about the Republican nominee . . .

"We can't let them win more delegates just by not telling us when the convention is!" — more Texas county convention maneuvering.

Prof. Althouse publishes an "alarming" email exchange from her son Chris. Apparently a nefarious Obama Delegation Chair failed to keep Chris in the loop on the caucus process.

I wonder if all Clinton Delegation Chairs fully communicated with Obama delegates? I bet so, because a Clinton would never play fast and loose with the rules.

How incompetent is the Clinton campaign? She consistently lets herself be out maneuvered in the caucus process by the junior senator from Illinois.

As an aside, while I do think there are some serious problems with the caucus process, there is some value in it as well. I suspect (though I am not certain) that the process produces more people who will actually work for the campaign than the primary. Anyone can take an hour or so to vote but if you are going to "waste" 12 hours on a decent spring Saturday in Austin, you probably are more likely to actually commit to doing certain things (e.g. phone banking, canvassing) that the party will need in the fall.

"George Bush called this the ownership society, but what he really meant was 'you're-on-your-own' society."

Pithy could be a compliment or an insult.

Fraud in Texas? "It looks like there was data entry error. You ended up being coded as BOTH a Hillary Clinton and a Barack Obama delegate."

Prof. Althouse updates her readers on the Texas caucus process and her son Chris' experience with it. It is clear that they both aren't buying the Obama campaign's explanation that it was an innocent mistake but I can't say she is explicitly negative toward the candidate.

As an aside, how incompetent is the Clinton campaign? Apparently some of "her" delegates are getting literature from Obama but not from her campaign. That is really incompetent.

"I don't understand why in this industry of politics, I am an airhead."

It makes John McCain better, doesn't it?

Ramussen poll says 22% of Democrats think Clinton should drop out... and 22% say Obama should drop out.

It is a link to Drudge (which just goes to the basic Drudge site and therefore, lost in the internet {or to his archives [if he has them] which I am not going to search}).

Can a link to Drudge be neutral? I'll tentatively say, yes.

In Texas, the Obama campaign tries to win over Clinton's county convention delegates.

I get the sense that Prof. Althouse's son (Chris) is negative towards the Obama campaign because he believes they are trying to poach (my word, not his or hers) some Texas delegates during the state caucus process. I don't believe that Prof. Althouse is being particularly negative about Obama. Prof. Althouse says: "I don't think the Obama campaign is doing something wrong, but this mailing shows that the Obama campaign is fighting to flip Clinton delegates in Texas. Is Clinton doing the same thing and will some delegates slip away?"

What has been surprising to me throughout this process is how unable, or inept or unwilling the Clinton campaign has been at participating in the caucus process in Texas and elsewhere.

Thomas Sowell puts Barack Obama's association with Jeremiah Wright into a larger context.

Prof. Althouse tries to remain neutral on the Wright matter. But most (all?) of the people she links to seem to put the relationship in a negative context for Obama.

What will Hillary Clinton put us through for that 5% chance she has of winning the nomination?

Speaking from the future I will say: quite a bit.

Prof. Althouse links to a David Brooks piece suggesting that Clinton should get out of the democratic primary race and suggesting that Clinton's failure to do so represents a certain sort of selfishness. Prof. Althouse defends the Clinton position for staying in (while not defending the candidate).

In the post, Prof. Althouse also links to two bloggers who want Clinton to stay in but for different reasons.

Prof. Althouse suggests that "Obama's problem with Jeremiah Wright is something important about him that we need to think through" which is different than saying "the association with Jeremiah Wright should trouble us.

"If you think Jeremiah Wright is gruesome..."

Prof. Althouse links to a Hithcens piece where he points out that in addition to Wright, there is another abhorrent pastor linked to Obama. This pastor "has been an Obama supporter, and his church has been an occasional recipient of Obama's patronage."

Now, as I pointed out in a comment at Prof. Althouse's site, the professor is going to blog about whatever she is interested in. Further, I understand (and appreciate) her desire to keep blog posts shorter whenever possible. That said, the paragraph that she quoted from Hitchens' piece continues (without being quoted by Prof. Althouse):
"Meanwhile, the Republican nominee adorns himself with two further reverends: one named John Hagee, who thinks that the pope is the Antichrist, and another named Rod Parsley, who has declared that the United States has a mission to obliterate Islam. Is it conceivable that such repellent dolts would be allowed into public life if they were not in tax-free clerical garb? How true it is that religion poisons everything."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bayh's test: Which candidate won the states with the most electoral votes?

Wherein a Clinton supporter puts forth an argument favoring Clinton. I'd be almost as surprised if an Obama supporter offered up an argument in favor of Obama.