Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton wants the Democratic Party to check into the irregulaties in the Texas caucuses.

Caucuses suck. My theory on Prof. Althouse's hostility to caucus is that her son is involved and he thinks his side is getting screwed. Of course it could be because his side is getting screwed and he is actually able to give her insight into that.

Prof. Althouse's evolution on the Wright controversy interests me. She was late to the party and apparently didn't think much of it initially, (her first post on the subject was the first time I gave a "Obama Positive" rating), then she received an email in the middle of the night from one of her favorite commenters, then she derided Obama's explanation of the relationship and how he sought to move on. Now "the association with Jeremiah Wright should trouble us." (italics in original)

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