Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"We can't let them win more delegates just by not telling us when the convention is!" — more Texas county convention maneuvering.

Prof. Althouse publishes an "alarming" email exchange from her son Chris. Apparently a nefarious Obama Delegation Chair failed to keep Chris in the loop on the caucus process.

I wonder if all Clinton Delegation Chairs fully communicated with Obama delegates? I bet so, because a Clinton would never play fast and loose with the rules.

How incompetent is the Clinton campaign? She consistently lets herself be out maneuvered in the caucus process by the junior senator from Illinois.

As an aside, while I do think there are some serious problems with the caucus process, there is some value in it as well. I suspect (though I am not certain) that the process produces more people who will actually work for the campaign than the primary. Anyone can take an hour or so to vote but if you are going to "waste" 12 hours on a decent spring Saturday in Austin, you probably are more likely to actually commit to doing certain things (e.g. phone banking, canvassing) that the party will need in the fall.

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