Wednesday, May 28, 2008

McCain ad labels him — literally — Episcopal.

"With all this trouble Barack Obama has been having with his connection or seeming connection to religion that either is or seems extremist, wouldn't this be a good time to remind folks that John McCain's religion is the most mild-mannered Christianity: Episcopalian?" Sure, if you want to take one of the central points ("I will not lie") of McCain's ad and make it a lie.

Prof. Althouse is less effusive in her praise of this McCain ad but takes the opportunity suggest the real reason behind the ad is Jeremiah Wright.

I didn't see that connection. Personally, I think the ad was designed by an Obama operative to reinforce the fact that McCain is old. Black and white photos (I love black and white photos but these look like they are black and white because they are old photos not because of an aesthetic choice). A formerly youthful McCain in a football uniform which looks like it is from the period where they didn't wear helmets. Ted Williams? I love Ted Williams. Ted Williams definitively is an American hero but I doubt that half of American men under the age of 40 can tell you why off the top of their head. I bet more people under the age of 40 vaguely remember that there was a family feud when he died about whether or not he should be cryogenically frozen. Yes, rock stars can be our heroes but I won't show you a picture of one because (1) I can't find one who agrees with my policies and/or (2) I can't find one who you will recognize who belongs in the group photo with the other heroes.

New McCain slogan: "I will not cheat." (Except on my first wife and maybe on my second.

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